1. Infallible vI reviewed at Panel Patter →

    Huge thanks to Rob McMonigal for reviewing Infallible vI on Panel Patter. In response to one criticism, there is both a volume II and III in the queue. I promise I’m not done with this project yet. 

  2. You like comics, right? Well if you’re lucky enough to call one of these fine establishments your LCS stop in and pick up one of mine. Yours not on the list? You should fix that :) Of course you can always buy them here too.

    Mission Comics - 3520 20th St. San Francisco, CA
    Atomic Books - 3620 Falls Rd. Baltimore, MD
    Chicago Comics - 3244 N Clark St. Chicago, IL
    Comix Experience - 305 Divisadero St. San Francisco, CA
    Escapist Comics - 3090 Claremont Ave.Berkeley, CA
    Jim Hanley’s - Universe 4 w 33rd St. NYC NY

  3. Assassinations, massacres, trials of the dead and more. Infallible explores the dark recesses of the papacy, revisiting some of the most perplexing, reviled and infamous characters in history.

    Also available: Teats on a Boar, collecting short stories ca. 2007-2011. Includes
    “When The Levi Breaks”, “Velo-Monk” and “Golfito”.

    Get ‘em while they’re hot - http://frednoland.com/route_html/store.htm

  4. Houston, we have lift-off

    Infallible, my comic exploring the dark recesses of Papal History debuts this weekend at Mission Comics & Art. I will also have the second, expanded edition of Teats on a Boar in tow. TOAB collects comics done for various anthologies, shows and publications ca. 2007-2011.


  5. A pleasant little bit from the upcoming “Infallible”

    A pleasant little bit from the upcoming “Infallible”

  6. More Cadaver Synod

    More Cadaver Synod